Success Story of Anders Z.

Success Story

Anders Z.

Zaf has been my personal trainer for 4 years from a point when my body and lifestyle needed serious re-shaping.

Zaf is extremely inspirational through her second to none knowledge of body function, technique and nutrition. She is a perfectionist insisting form is never compromised meaning training sessions always come to the fullest reward. Even on the toughest days Zaf drives you successfully through your program.

Zaf’s deep technical knowledge and understanding of strength training, weightlifting, functional fitness and even yoga makes her an unmatched trainer. All of the above combined with her beautiful, calm and healing personality has enabled me to transform exceptionally.

Personal Training is available for Individual One on One, Buddies, Couples or Small Groups.

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Life Motto: Be better than yesterday , take chances & live life! You grow through what you go through.

When Zaf was little, ballet classes were where she seeked solace. She loved and still loves moving. She’s learned to coordinate muscles and move through proper positions and to those who knew her, she’s very sensitive to how her body moves or muscles engaged while doing anything.

She was a very shy person, but this was a place where she could express herself without having to speak verbally. After which she immersed herself in various sports which allows her to feel free and being herself. Movements brings life to her!

When she was seven, she was fortunate to be approached by a coach to be part of a track and field and to play for netball team. She played competitively in both of these sports. As Track&Field was an individual event whereas netball was a team sport, they’ve both moulded her in various ways. Unknowingly the ten years she’s committed and dedicated her passion to these sports has in return moulded her into the person she is glad to be – empathetic, committed, adaptable and a team player.

Zaf’s CrossFit History: In 2015,  she wanted to pick up a new sport. When she chance upon CrossFit a year before she was not sure if it’s something she will appreciate it. Female athletes manhandling heavy weights definitely did not intrigue her. After much consideration she decided to give CrossFit a go and she was hooked! Totally smittened by how much more fitness is in CrossFit then just lifting barbells. She loves that she’s challenged by so many things, especially the gymnastics aspect of CrossFit. Always been athletic all her life but during her first few classes of CrossFit she’s discovered that she couldn’t even do a single pull up or being upside down! Since then she’s always open and up for any setbacks that come her way. One thing that CrossFit had taught her:  patience and resilience! In 2016 she was encouraged to take up coaching and so here she is.

With that she’s eager to share her enthusiasm and passion for fitness and movement with the world. She can’t express how much happiness, fulfillment and fun she’s derived from training as an athlete to coaching people over the last years. Yet even after 10 years in the fitness industry and about seven years being a CrossFit coach, with many coaching hours, and countless lessons learned in the process, she still consider herself a young coach with a lot left to learn. She love to share this experience and see coaching as an outlet to reach out and educate the community on what they can do for themselves or the people around them .

She started teaching group exercise classes on weekends and in her free time (spinning, circuit training, Les mills program etc) since she was in university at twenty years old. She loves the energy from the people and how she’s spending her time to help others enjoy and appreciate their time spent training. Met many different individuals which taught her a lot along the years and that’s where she also grows as a person.

She believes that all the certificates you have does not teach you as much as the real life experience you get. People are more than just theory and that’s why it intrigues her to work with the different individual or groups of people.

A wise mentor once told her “Don’t tire of doing little things for others, because sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart. In life we cannot always do great things, we can always do small things with great love. At the end it is not only about making a living, it is about making a difference.” Since then her job is never about making a living. Her jobs are where her heart feels contented and where her soul feeds on for growth !

Ph.D in Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Bachelor of Life Science

Personal Training Certification
American Council on Exercise (ACE)

CrossFit level 1

Group Fitness Instructor Certification

Certified Fitness Nutrition 

TRX- Suspension Training (L1)

ASFA’s Foam Rolling Instruction Certification

ASFA’s Kettlebell Instruction Certification

RYT-200 Yoga

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Personal Training

Regardless of your background, age-group, fitness level, body weight or preference, we have the program for you!

With our combined industry experience of 57 years, we have improved the overall well-being, health and fitness of our clients who include professional athletes, celebrities, families, mothers with pre and post pregnancy requirements, retirees, and even individuals with specific health requirements.

Our clients’ best interests are at the heart of everything we do at FIT 247. We believe in providing a friendly, hassle-free, enjoyable workout experience with trainers who know and understand your needs immediately.

Staying on top of industry best practices is also a priority and at FIT 247, you are safe in the hands of our experts Personal Trainers who guarantee undivided attention on helping you achieve a workout focused on optimal results and maximum benefits.  You will find motivated and experienced trainers here at FIT 247.

What You'll Get Besides The Training Sessions

  1. Review of current and past medical and exercise history
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Body Composition Assessment
  4. Postural Alignment Assessment
  5. Customized fitness training program
  6. Personalized nutritional consultation
  7. Photo progress shots
  8. Constant monitoring of progress to help you meet fitness goals quickly
Our programs include:

Our Personal Trainers

Our highly skilled professional trainers have over 57 years of collective experience in personal training and group fitness activities. We are truly motivated to help and inspire our clients to living a sustainable, healthy and fit lifestyle.

FIT 247 operates in a highly people-centric industry, we believe in staying educated and up-to-date with the latest research in fitness. We improve our performance continuously and keep our skills polished with the development of new fitness trends.

From designing a customized workout plan to providing on-going motivation and support, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals. Whether you want to train individually or in a group, we have the solution for you.

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