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About FIT 247

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At FIT 247, we cherish quality and integrity as our core values, and we are constantly mindful of achieving excellence in everything we do. Our holistic fitness program is specially tailored to your needs and is supervised and administered by our experienced and industry-certified trainers at our centrally located and exclusive training facility.

We are committed to helping our customers stay fit, feel the improvement and see positive transformation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, hence our motto: Fitness . Improvement . Transformation 

We Listen. We Coach. We Educate.

Built to last. Success Starts Here.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training Programs Include:

One on One

Personal Training


Personal Training

Small Group

Personal Training

Built to last. Success Starts Here !

Group Fitness

Fit in a Flash 30

a 30 minutes Fit to Function Group Workout

Simple yet effective exercises tailored to deliver you transformative results fast. A High Intensity resistance training which incorporates strength and aerobic conditioning workout. Sweat as you accelerate fat burn and increase your fitness game to the next level! 

What is Fit In A Flash 30 ?

  • Group of 4-6 participants
  • For Everyone
  • Any Fitness Level
  • Build Muscular Endurance
  • Improve Aerobic Capacity
  • Develop Strength
  • Improve Range of Motion and Coordination

Built to last 30

a 30 minutes Fit to Lift Group Workout

This Program is for YOU if you want to move better with control, increase lean muscle mass, shred fat fast and improve your performance. Total body strength conditioning with the aim to get you Stronger, Leaner and Fitter within a short period of time to UNLEASH THE ATHLETE IN YOU !

What is Built To Last 30 ?

  • Group of 4-6 participants
  • For Everyone
  • Any Fitness Level
  • Pack On Lean Muscle Mass
  • Move Well
  • Develop Strength
  • Look And Feel Good

Group Fitness - indoor

Booty Blast & Core Challenge

Lose that junk in the trunk and get rid of that muffin top! Strengthen and firm the abdominals, butt, hips and thighs through this challenging yet fun routine. This is the session for you if you want to have a fabulous looking midsection and buns of steel!


Specially customized to blast the flab, sculpt your overall body and transform your physique. Feel the improvement in your strength/endurance and see a fitter tighter and stronger new you! Circuit training program using various fitness exercise methods including, but not limited to, resistance training, cardiovascular training, kickboxing and calisthenics.

Group Fitness - outdoor

Fun Fit Fab Boot Camp for Women
Customized just for women to get fit, healthy and strong while enjoying a fun workout together with friends in the beautiful outdoors. You can come and sweat, wear no make-up and just be yourself! Although it’s a boot camp style program, you’re not going to find anyone yelling at you! We encourage and motivate you in a positive way – never berating you!
Fit to Function Boot Camp for Everyone
Want to work on a common fitness goal with your friends and family? Look no further! Designed for both men and women of all fitness levels, this boot camp offers something for everyone. Let our trainers help you along, or engage in some peer motivation to get yourself going. Everyone will have a challenging workout and no one is left behind!

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Fit to Function Training Gym

Our Gym

No Overcrowding

Our general memberships are limited. and our gym provide privacy and safety for anyone who prefers to exercise in an environment that is a lot less crowded than other bigger commercial gyms. We are non-intimidating and our personable, friendly staff will make you feel right at home

State-of-the-art Equipment

Our training studio boasts a full range of the latest state-of-the-art equipment to optimize your training from head to toe.  FIT 247 is the first training facility in Singapore to use brand new Calibre Pro-Line and Calibre Xtreme equipment.

Specialized Training Tools

Our wide array of specialized training tools includes RIP 60, Sandbells, Kettlebells, Punch/Kick pads, Medicine Balls, Fit Balls, Battling Rope, Forearm Blaster, Twist Slingshot, Twist Agility Ladder and many more. View photos below…

Build a reservoir of energy
to get the best out of life

A private boutique gym


Whether you’re swinging by for a quick workout or planning a long-term fitness regime with us, our doors are open for you.
Our gym is only accessible for members only and only with entry booking
Gym membership is available at the following term structure.

12 months

$ 1296

6 months

$ 702

3 months

$ 378

1 month

$ 144

5x pass

$ 75

Single Entry

$ 20

  • Payment mode by Cash, Cheque, PayNow, Bank Transfer to Fit 247 Pte. Ltd. (UEN 200822662C)
  • Please bring your identification card or passport on your first visit
  • Gym Entry Booking is required prior to each gym visit
  • Workout attire and sport shoes must be worn during exercise in the gym. No sandals, slippers or bare feet are permitted especially on the threadmills.
  • You are required to use workout towel at all times, disinfect equipment after use and return weights back where they belong.
  • You should comply with the prevailing COVID-19 measures for safe management measures jointly issued by Sport Singapore and our government.

** Peak hours are on Monday through Friday from 5 to 8 pm and Saturdays 10am to 1pm.

Small movement
For bigger improvement

No Challenge No Change


We help you build stamina and endurance
that can take you a long way in the day


Success stories

Zaf is a super trainer! i've started training with zaf for 5 years now. She is well versed in the field of sports ,science, exercise health and nutrition. I have scoliosis and she helped me with my body imbalances in my workouts. My training with Zaf improved my physical condition , especially my hip alignment. I learnt a lot about my own body, on what I can do and how to achieve the result I want through the training. Zaf is full of positive energy and an excellent motivator.

Irene A.

I’ve always exercised on a regular basis, but since having my son I found it difficult to regain my strength and overall sense of well-being.I started training with Zaf three years ago and I feel the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been - the changes are visible too. Zaf’s approach to coaching is the perfect balance of progression, ensuring correct form and bringing a sense of calm for that for that one hour.Zaf is knowledgeable and will guide you through each exercise and be able to articulate what you should be feeling or how to adjust to get the maximum benefit. Every workout is challenging, tailored to your personal needs and enjoyable - I’ve never cancelled a session, even after a late night as I know how good I’ll feel afterwards.

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